Saraswati Multispeciality Clinic is headquartered in Bengaluru, India, with a vision to operate through a network of hospitals across the country. The clinic belongs to the parent company Saraswati Online.Com India Ltd. which has a history of more than 15 years in the field of Overseas Education in South Asian countries. Our first facility in health care is established in Bengaluru with a multispeciality clinic set up with in house diagnostic support. We believe that the " Saraswati Online.Com India Ltd. " brand is strongly associated with our mission to deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare services to the broader population by leveraging our economies of scale, skilled doctors, and an efficient business model.

In aggregate, our pilot project provides advanced levels of care in Cardiology, Endocrinology, General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics and Orthopaedics to begin with.

Services & Facilities


  •  Medical Tourism Consultation
  •  Provide proper guidance
  •  Initial health check-up at hometown
  •  Referral to best suited doctors/hospitals
  •  Arranging journey to the referred location
  •  Arranging comfortable stay


  •  Multispeciality Consultations
  •  Collaboration With reputed hospitals
  •  Annual Physical Examination
  •  Master Health Check-up
  •  Home sample collection
  •  Digital X-Ray,Ultrasonography, Echocardiography, Tread Mill Test, ECG


Our mission is to deliver high quality, affordable healthcare services to the broader population in India and abroad. Our core values are represented by the acronym "Precision with Empathy", which encompasses innovation and efficiency, Compassionate care, Accountability, Respect for all, and Excellence as a culture. At the same time, we seek to generate a strong financial performance and deliver long-term value to our shareholders through the execution of our business strategy.

Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in Awareness, Healthcare, and Support for the benefit of humanity.

Why Choose Us ?

Saraswati Multi speciality Clinic is set out on the mission to become the most trusted provider of medical tourism services to those seeking safe, highly effective, personalized programs to receive world-class treatments in India.

 Quality Services

We believe in work process where our patients get more priority than anything else. We care about them and their family hence our team works their good health.

 Valuable Ideas

It is important that the patients receive proper guidance when they are in a problem especially when they need expert consultation during the emergency. We work with the family as a member and provide them best services.

 Budget Friendly

Every day our working team is trying their best to offer the patients the best health package deals so that everyone can get the best healthcare services as per their budget and affordability.

How we work ?

As a facilitator, it is very important for us to understand the patients’ problem and their past history to guide them the proper way to get well soon and return to daily life responsibilities. We aspire to work as a bridge between the Patient and the Healthcare Providers. We have a strong regular basis support system where we work towards making the treatment of the patient as hassle-free and easy as possible.

  STEP 1 :

Receive and Evaluate

The process starts with the initial check-up of the patient and accessing of patients’ previous diagnosis reports, Doctor’s prescriptions and preferences and collating a set of opinions from various specialists along with the cost.

  STEP 2 :

Analysis and Planning

Once having detailed information on the medical history and all reports, we will conduct exhaustive research from our side and will identify the best-suited hospital or Doctor or Wellness center for best treatment. We will get back to the patient with our medical expert team suggestions/recommendations and decide on how to proceed further in consultation with them.

  STEP 3 :

Make plans and Implement

On receiving the approval from the patient, we will send a customized package and give them an approximate quotation depending upon their specific requirement, expectation, and budget. Once we finalize the hospital for them, we will fix an appointment and arrange for a consultation with the selected surgeon/therapist.

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